Alberto Rodríguez

International Artistic Director

The goal of my work is to shine the inner beauty that resides in each one of us.

Marisa Díaz

Education Director

Work so that your experience is the sum of the years that you have traveled and not the one of the first year repeated during all the years.

Jesús Ballester

Creative Director

No matter how much time it costs, the effort involved, or if you have to fight against yourself. Set a goal and fight for your dreams.

Jean Toral

Salon Director
Technical Educator

Not believe that we know everything about our trade ... look, learn, share, listen and above all respect our magic craft.

Elena Fernández

Salon Director
Artistic Educator

Above all, always be yourself.

Yolanda Miqueleiz

Salon Director
Artistic Educator

Try to enjoy what you do and do what makes you happy.

Merche Murillo

Artistic Educator

Self confidence. We do not know our limits.

Johana Castellano

Artistic Educator

Do not give up, with effort everything ends up coming. Patience, confidence, effort and never stop learning.

Nerea Álvarez


Fight for the goals you set.

Inma Ochotorena